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You know that onion metaphor?  “Onions have layers.  Ogres have layers.” as Shrek once said.  Each layer revealing, or hiding, what is at its core.  Working with wax is like that metaphor.  My work allows me to convey a concept, theme, or message using multiple layers of wax, oil paint, ephemera, and other materials in the layers of a painting. 

My encaustic and abstract paintings are personal responses to movement, music, color, nature or atmosphere.  I will observe closely, but also look beyond the obvious, to capture the essence of an experience.  The goal is to express the feelings or memories that linger after an experience.  I first choose the media, colors, and textures that will best capture the intent of each painting.  The layers of wax that are built up in encaustic paintings are wonderful for telling stories.  I find oil paint mixed with cold wax works best to capture a feeling in abstract paintings.  

My studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Cape School of Art and workshops with contemporary masters have laid the foundation, helped to define my style and opened me up to less traditional media. I have been an artist since I was a child but did not get a chance to make art a priority until later in life.  I’ve been working in Encaustics and oil/cold wax for about 8 years.  My work has been awarded prizes around the country and has collectors around the world.

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